Board of Trustees

Noboru Kashiwagi

Emeritus Professor of The University of Tokyo, Fellow of Chuo Law School


1965: B.A.  Faculty of Law, the University of Tokyo


  • April 1965-July 1993:
    Staff member of Legal Section, Mitsubishi Corporation, Tokyo
  • August 1993-March 2003:
    Professor of Law, International Center for Comparative Law and Politics, Graduate School of Law and Politics, the University of Tokyo
  • April 2003- March 2012:
    Professor of Law, Chuo University and Chuo Law School
  • June 2003-
    Professor Emeritus, the University of Tokyo
  • April 2012-
    Fellow, Chuo Law School

Some of Articles

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  • The International Commercial Arbitration in Japan, 1-1 Contemporary Asia Arbitration Journal (2008),171-182
  • Foreign Direct Investment, Public Order and National Security, Lessons from the case of J Power, 6 University of Tokyo Journal of Law and Politics, (Spring 2009) 45
  • Liberalization of Legal Services in Japan, 1-2 Yonsei Law Journal, Yonsei Law School (November 2010), 413
  • Translation of Japanese Statutes, Journal of Legislation Research (June 2016) 41
  • Agent Commercial in France, 5-10 Kokusai Shoji Homu, (1977)
  • Noboru Kashiwagi, Drafting Arbitration Award and Asking Parties to Review, 34 JCAA Newsletter (Oct. 2015) 1
  • Arbitration Awards, Yasuhei Taniguchi and Isomi Suzuki ed., Law and Practice of Int’ Commercial Arbitration, Maruzen-Yushodo (2016), 359